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This is Ozzie living the good life after being adopted three years ago!

More happy tails!

Bijou - Adoption update!

Bijou was a teeny weenie little dog left to fend for herself out in Stanislaus County but lots of good people came together to help her. GDR took her in and knew of the perfect home. Bijou is thriving in her new family where she has other little dogs to play with all day long and a mom who caters to her.

Bijou happy at home!

Violet with her new Mom

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Dottie found her forever home! Here she is napping with her big brother.

Violet's Happy Ending 

From Violet's new Mom:

My dog Gigi passed away last May. By the end of the summer, I was ready to adopt a new friend. I saw a darling dog on Grateful Dogs website; but when I went to meet her, a family had already claimed her. GDR volunteer Kate Singleton, wizard of matchmaking, suggested I meet Fancy (now named Violet). It was love at first sight!

Violet is everything I always wanted in a dog, but never had. She likes to wear clothes and go to the dog park. She doesn’t mind being in a carrier, so we can go shopping and get coffee together. Violet makes me laugh and calms my nerves. I think she is pretty happy, too.  A match made in heaven!

Grateful Tails

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