From Foster to Forever!


Feather has had the bad luck of being bounced around from foster to foster and even one home and it has never been her fault. It is time for her to be able to settle into a family. She is currently in a kennel but we bring her home whenever possible and she is just a pure pleasure to have around. She is obedient and trained far more than is even average, and  learns more daily when someone takes the time to show her what to do. She can walk around a pet food store packed with dogs and treats and carefully walk by your side. She waits at doors, and drops her ball immediately even though it is her favorite thing in the world. Despite her size she walks around the house carefully and is certainly better behaved than the average  teenager. After just a few minutes of fun and exercise she is quite happy to curl up in the sun for a nap or watch the squirrels play. She loves car rides and and walks to the park, and likes her people even more than her ball. Meeting new people is also way up on her list of fun things. She has lived with dogs and is in a daily dog play group. Yes, she is a pit/lab and she is black. But some lucky family will have the ability to see past that and get a dog they will never forget. You can foster or adopt Feather.


Little  Jenny  is all of 5.25 pounds and about 7 years old.  Jenny is a very shy dog and took a whole 3 months to come out of her shell in her foster home, but now regularly comes to seek pets and ear scratches and be held, but she still spends much of her time in her crate with the door open.  Jenny doesn't walk on leash but enjoys outings in her carrier.  She enjoys wandering around the back yard with the other dogs in her home.  Jenny likes dogs and is fine with cats.  Jenny is pee-pad trained.
Jenny is looking for a foster-to-adopt home with shy dog experience that will give her all the time she needs to settle in and feel comfortable in her new home, and consider adopting her once she has settled.

Please print out a copy of our "Foster a Dog" flier (see downloadable PDF file below) and post it at your local dog park, pet store, office and/or coffee shop. We appreciate your help getting the word out about these wonderful dogs who need to be rescued from the shelter so they won't be euthanized.

To learn more about fostering a dog with Grateful Dogs Rescue.

Urgent Fosters

Grateful Dogs Rescue is looking for San Francisco bay area foster homes for the dogs posted below. These dogs URGENTLY need foster homes. They are at risk of euthanization at the San Francisco Animal Care and Control Shelter. The Grateful Dogs Rescue evaluators met these dogs and have evaluations on each. Grateful Dogs Rescue believes that getting them out of the shelter and into a loving family will prove that they are very much adoptable! They need temporary foster homes until adopters can be found.