From Foster to Forever!


Skeeter is about 3 years old and 12-15 pounds. He has spent most of the first 3 years of his life living in a kennel, so wants a fun active home. Skeeter is looking for a new foster or forever home where he can practice his fetch skills and stay active. Skeeter does not enjoy young children, but would probably be fine with teenagers. He would prefer to be an only dog. Let us know if you would be interested in meeting Skeeter!


Handsome Walker is looking for a foster or adopter.  He is approximately 2 years old, 73 lbs, and ready to find his new home.   He is well behaved in the house and rides well in the car.  It is thought that Walker might not have had much exposure to dogs in his formative months as he gets very excited to see new canine friends.  He has been at a training facility for the last month in order to learn basic obedience and how to remain calm around other dogs.  The difference in him is amazing as he is now able to even walk calmly past dogs that are barking at him.  His trainer feels that Walker would be good at Nosework or tracking activities as he spends quite a lot of time (more than the average dog) sniffing.  He might do well living with another dog if they are properly introduced.  He was initially in a foster home with four older shepherds and he was very respectful of them.   Walker has much potential to be a great companion and will do well with anyone committed to continuing his training.  His trainer has offered to help transition him to a to a new home with some instruction.


Candace is a 2 year old female German Shepherd. She seems nice but the shelter is not the place for her. She is looking for a foster home with large dog experience. She passed her shelter dog-dog test.


Panda is really fun and, at 21 pounds, a great size for someone that wants a small dog that can do everything a big dog does. He is easily trained but is a little hand shy from something in his past but that is disappearing. House trained, leash trained and ready for a family. He loves car rides as much as laps, or maybe chasing balls. He's working on obedience training and learning daily. Seems fine with children but they should be 6 or over. Since he is pretty young he should not be left alone all day, but has shown no separation anxiety. If you can meet him you will love him.


This is Smokey. He’s a one year old, very playful and energetic boy. We were told his mother is a Siberian Husky but Papa might have been a dachshund. He has very short legs and a very long body. He weighs a little over 21 pounds. He needs a foster home. If you would like to meet this fun, interesting little guy please contact Grateful Dogs Rescue.


Please print out a copy of our "Foster a Dog" flier (see downloadable PDF file below) and post it at your local dog park, pet store, office and/or coffee shop. We appreciate your help getting the word out about these wonderful dogs who need to be rescued from the shelter so they won't be euthanized.

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Urgent Fosters

Grateful Dogs Rescue is looking for San Francisco bay area foster homes for the dogs posted below. These dogs URGENTLY need foster homes. They are at risk of euthanization at the San Francisco Animal Care and Control Shelter. The Grateful Dogs Rescue evaluators met these dogs and have evaluations on each. Grateful Dogs Rescue believes that getting them out of the shelter and into a loving family will prove that they are very much adoptable! They need temporary foster homes until adopters can be found.