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Maggie is an 11-12 pound Spaniel mix.  Maggie is smart and affectionate and stubborn and silly and a bit of a challenge but totally worth the time and love.  She would do better in a foster home where she could get more attention from her foster parent, maybe as an only dog or with just one other dog.  Please let us know if you would like to hear more about Maggie and might be interested in fostering her.

Duke really is a sweet old guy. Other than just being old and little stiff, he seems pretty healthy. The shelter is calling him a lab mix but we see a lot of shepherd. He has lived with homeless people and spent a lot of time in Golden Gate Park. In the past he always got redeemed, but not this time. Duke would like to live out his last years in a home. He is very house trained and mostly sleeps a lot. He would be easy to have around. We would like to take him but need a foster home. Please don't suggest we contact other senior dog rescues, we would like to rescue him but need a foster to take him in!


Oboe is a 2 year old male pit bull mix. He is super sweet but shy. He is really a staff favorite. Medical notes say he may have a torn CCL (ACL) but his limping is much better so it may not be that serious.
Oboe needs a foster home!


Little Freckles couldn't be cuter! She is about 10 pounds and 2 years old and we think she is a jack-chi. She was very scared in the beginning at the shelter but has really come out of her shell. she is playful and loves doing zoomies around the yard. Freckles needs a foster home!


Urgent we need a foster home. 
Fudge came to Grateful Dogs Rescue and we were told he was an adorable puppy with non-contagious mange. Today, we found out he has ring worm too. That is contagious. Current foster has a pet and young child so cannot keep. 
Ideal foster home would need to be willing to give medicated baths and meds and keep him quarantined and away from kids and pets. He will be a long term foster as it will take time to heal.
It's a lot to hope for but is there someone who would work with a ring worm dog?


Please print out a copy of our "Foster a Dog" flier (see downloadable PDF file below) and post it at your local dog park, pet store, office and/or coffee shop. We appreciate your help getting the word out about these wonderful dogs who need to be rescued from the shelter so they won't be euthanized.

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Urgent Fosters

Grateful Dogs Rescue is looking for San Francisco bay area foster homes for the dogs posted below. These dogs URGENTLY need foster homes. They are at risk of euthanization at the San Francisco Animal Care and Control Shelter. The Grateful Dogs Rescue evaluators met these dogs and have evaluations on each. Grateful Dogs Rescue believes that getting them out of the shelter and into a loving family will prove that they are very much adoptable! They need temporary foster homes until adopters can be found.