Promote your foster

Help your foster find their forever home with these tips!

The rescue and your case manager can do some things to help get your foster placed, but as the foster parent a lot starts with you since you have the most access. Below are some tips on what you can do to ensure your foster gets the best chance of finding a forever home. They are also available as PDF for easy printing.


Keep taking photos. The PetFinder and AdoptAPet post can get stale. A cute new photo might get someone to give the post a 2nd look. We can set you up with a photographer, but a shy dog might not show their best that way. So keep snapping with your smart phone and maybe a great one will happen.

This blog post from Adobe offers some great photography tips:
Photography tips for rescue animals by Adobe

Send new photos to your case manager to add to the post. You can also put it on GDR’s Facebook page and one of the page’s administrators can repost it to get it seen. And you can of course email us at [email protected]


Get a video! A photo can only be a moment in time, but a video can really capture personality. Send it to your case manager, and post it on the GDR facebook. You can also email us at [email protected] and we can feature it on the web.  

Show them from their best sides!

“Adopt Me” bandana

Always walk your dog with an “Adopt Me” sleeve or bandanna on the leash, and be ready to talk to anyone that asks about him or her.

Post advertisements

One of our volunteers keeps all of the dogs posted on craigslist, but you can post there too. Even better join sites like NextDoor and post your foster dog there. Create an Instagram page for him or her,

Improve any issues

Work on the issues your dog might have. Talk to your case manager to get advice.

"Adopt Me" bandana

for out-going dogs – make an inviting sign

If you have a very out-going, social foster who likes greeting strangers, you could consider an inviting sign! This idea came from one of our foster parents. He had noticed that people slow down to look at his foster dog Wally when wearing the “Adopt me” bandana, but people seemed unsure whether they could engage. So he made a sign for Wally to wear on walks that invited people to pet him!

When walking past people, the foster parent would slow down with Wally so everyone had chance to read the sign. Often people would then say “Hi Wally”, and that was a great cue to stop and let Wally greet people. 

If you feel your foster isn’t comfortable meeting strangers, reach out to your case manager and we can help with tips on how to condition your dog. 

Wally wearing his sign!

Update posts

Rewrite their post occasionally. Especially if you are changing out the photos or the original post was written when you first got your foster and they have changed as they settle in.

GDR posts on Facebook

Keep liking the GDR posts on Facebook. Getting more response to our posts will keep them higher in people’s feeds (at least I think that is how it works).

Go the extra mile

Do some cute things with the photos you take to make them stand out. See here for ideas:

Go the extra mile with cute photos!

Be alert

Respond quickly when you do get an application.