From Foster to Forever!


Bubbles is a beautiful dog with a matching heart. He is your all American lap dog who loves toys, food and treats. He loves walks, meeting new dogs and learning new tricks.  
He knows “sit”, “down”, “shake”, “stay”, “hug”and “heel”, as well as hand targeting, and sometimes plays dead. He is almost crate trained, walks well on leash and really bonds to people. 
Bubbles has not had an easy past and so is still a little nervous when meeting new people, but way better then just a few weeks ago. His ideal home would be with an active family that wants to spend time with him playing, walking and teaching him new things. He needs a good balance between active lifestyle and couch cuddling.  
He doesn’t bark at much but if you ask him to give you a howl, you might get a response. 
He is 2 years old, weighs about 79 pounds and he is healthy, has all his vaccinations and is currently in a training class to expand his abilities.  
Yes, he is a big guy, but he has the personality of a lap dog.

Bubbles needs a forever home or a new foster home by the end of August!


Please print out a copy of our "Foster a Dog" flier (see downloadable PDF file below) and post it at your local dog park, pet store, office and/or coffee shop. We appreciate your help getting the word out about these wonderful dogs who need to be rescued from the shelter so they won't be euthanized.

To learn more about fostering a dog with Grateful Dogs Rescue.

Urgent Fosters

Grateful Dogs Rescue is looking for San Francisco bay area foster homes for the dogs posted below. These dogs URGENTLY need foster homes. They are at risk of euthanization at the San Francisco Animal Care and Control Shelter. The Grateful Dogs Rescue evaluators met these dogs and have evaluations on each. Grateful Dogs Rescue believes that getting them out of the shelter and into a loving family will prove that they are very much adoptable! They need temporary foster homes until adopters can be found.