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Grateful Dogs Rescue is the oldest all-breed rescue group in San Francisco.  Since 1990 our mission has been to save the lives of local dogs, primarily at San Francisco Animal Care and Control, that are at risk of euthanasia.  

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Double the love!

Meet our bonded chihuahua pair Peanut Butter and Jelly! Peanut Butter is 3-4 years old and 7 lbs. She is the TAN chihuahua in the pair. Jelly is approx 5 years old and barely tips the scales at 5 lbs. She might be a little shyer in the beginning but Jelly is the one that will make sure to never leave your lap. Peanut Butter loves walks! Her walk is a but “funny” due to misshapen legs, but she doesn’t let that slow her down one bit.  They are BFFs, and they might be related but we are not certain of that. What we are certain of is that they like being around one another and love to sleep side-by-side…!

The girls are a bonded pair and MUST be adopted together. Which means double the love and cuteness for whoever their new forever family is!

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Curious about fostering?

Fostering is a vital part of the process of giving a rescue a second chance. For many dogs it is the place where they learn to feel safe and secure.  It is also a very rewarding experience for the foster parent. In the words of one of our volunteers:

“We thoroughly enjoy seeing the transformation from a sometimes sad, lonely, sick or un-trusting dog into a beautiful pet ready to share their love with another family and we love giving the gift of a best friend to other people and families.”

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Grateful Dogs Rescue along with Serramonte Volkswagen and Serramonte Subaru partners in the Buy A Dream, Save A Life Program.

Serramonte Volkswagen and Serramonte Subaru are making a donation for every sale to help Grateful Dogs Rescue continue its life-saving work.

MOnthly SF Chihuahua meetup

The San Francisco Chihuahua Meetup is a fantastic group of people and their amazing Chihuahuas, chi-mixes and small dogs!!! Join people that come out every month to celebrate these amazing little dogs!

The next meetup is on Sunday, February 5, 2023, between 12:00 – 2:00 PM at Stern Grove Dog Park! 

Grateful Tails

Stories of happy ever after from our adopters!